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About Sixty60
Get groceries and drinks delivered in 60 minutes with Checkers Sixty60 – our award-winning mobile app that makes shopping more convenient than ever!

It’s an app. A free, downloadable app designed to change the way you shop for groceries, drinks and more.
An app that looked around at your options and decided that getting your groceries tomorrow is SO yesterday! An app with a range that grows weekly, and prices that stay in check. An app that is backed by real time shoppers in store, a simple billing system, and a reliable delivery crew.

Sixty60 is an app that gives you more time to do the things you really want to do. More me time, more screen time, more time at the gym. Hey, we don’t mind what you do what all that extra time, we just like knowing that you’ve got it.

Last minute dinner? All out of nappies? In-laws arrived unannounced? Impromptu braai? We’re literally here for your spilled milk. In 60 minutes.

Download Sixty60 for free via the Google Play Store (for Android smartphones) or the App Store (for iPhone).

Sixty60 is not compatible on some Huawei smartphones at present and we do not have a website for you to shop online.